Monday, December 29, 2014

Next years resolution

I have not been doing well this month and must make some changes. Recently I had a break though and this time I am going to stop being so negative and focus on the positive. Its been a difficult change so far But I must heal and take care of myself. I just got out of the hospital Saturday and am doing well now just has a stomach sickness. I have been volunteering most of the week and it is my pleasure to make things better and if any one needs help with anything or you know of places that need volunteering please let me know I pledge to write and draw again as well as to do more volunteering and helping other any way I can. I hope to get more involved in my art and writing by getting rid of this writers block...

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Polyamory in this world of doubt...

People shake there heads at Polyamory yet divorce is too common and most have loved at least three people or more in there lives...

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Money = debt = nothing but trouble!

I have found that money is reason for most of the worlds problems and made out of debt; who wants to own debt anyways? We are better off with out it!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

I am your Everything and Anything

Once I take you in... You will be my everything... from within... I will take your soul... Take control... Drink you in... Take you life... you will be my wife... I will be your everything... Your anything... You will be mine... Everything and Anything...

DJ Vampyrian

I don't think most people realize I was first a DJ which of course is all over my sounds but haven't had a gig in forever until recently I will be DJing at the First Annual Blood Letters Ball on August 2nd in Akron, Ohio. I hope to get some gigs again...

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Updates as of July 7th 214

Vampyryian is not just a band but an Idea for the masses that Life is chaos no matter how hard we try and manage it and soon the world will be undone. Think for yourself and never plug into this world of lies...

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Welcome In to Vampyrian Trance


We are the Vampyre cult of the old Gothic Nations making our unique sound art for all the Vampyre Industrial Electro Punk Goths! We despise your sheople & mainstream waysCome out, Come out, where ever you are...

BIO: JP Vampyrian has been in the Goth community since the mid 90's and started to DJ around 2000. Later in 2012 he started messing around with music making Dark Experimental, Industrial, Trance, Gothic Electro and Vampyrian-Trance was formed around 2012...Vampyrian-Trance is Vampyre Sound Artistry making Experimental Industrial Vampyric Gothic Trance sounds...

***Vampyrian-Trance is not here for your approval - my Experimental Sound Artistry is here as a coping mechanism and to help others who need it! We are the Experimental Sound Artists making Freaky Music for the Freaks...


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Artist Name:Vampyrian Trance
Genres:Experimental / PsyTrance / Gothic Industrial EBM

Location: Delaware, OH
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Manager:JP Vampyrian